Truffle Hat

Hello, friends! This is my new pattern for a sweet little beanie made with one ball of Caron Cakes in the ‘Cookies and Cream’ colorway. I used my Addi Express King Size knitting machine and this was so easy to make because there are no color changes. The yarn does that for you. So pick your favorite colorway and let’s get started.

To make this hat, you will need one ball Caron Cakes worsted weight yarn. The finished hat should measure approximately 8 inches wide when folded flat, and about 12 inches long after finishing. Folding the brim will make for a shorter hat and nicer look. I used a fur pom-pom. But, if you want your hat to be reversible, leave out the pom-pom or make it removable.

The Addi Express King knitting machine has 46 needles. With worsted weight yarn, this hat fits my head, 21.5″, and will fit a teen to medium adult.

Truffle Hat



Cast on yarn in the usual way.

  1. Make a loop around the first black needle (or first needle of the round on another type of machine). Then, as you slowly crank the machine clockwise, feed the yarn alternately in front of and behind each rising needle until you reach the last white needle. The yarn should be behind this needle. Guide the yarn between the first(black) and last needle and into the yarn holder and guide. Be sure to close the holder before starting to crank. Also, make sure that the counter is set to zero.

2. Crank in a clockwise direction and very slowly for the first 3 rounds or so, making sure the needles are picking up the yarn properly as you crank. After that, you can crank as fast as you like. 3. Knit 96 rows. Cut yarn with about 5 extra inches and using a tapestry/yarn needle, slowly crank the machine and, as the needles go down into their holes, thread each loop onto the tapestry needle and yarn until all loops have been removed. If you aren’t sure how to do this, here is a good video.

To finish your hat, pull the yarn tails to gather each end and pull one end into the other. Using both yarn tails, sew the two gathered ends together and sew on a pom-pom. I got my fur pom-pom’s here. If you would like your hat to be reversible, omit the pom-pom or make the pom-pom removable.

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